The Best of Times…

July 27, 2011 No Comments by administr8tor

I think each of us have parts of our lives that we would consider “the best.” Where we are now helps to determine how we think about when we were happiest, the periods that brought us the most joy, when we could be carefree and the future looked bright with endless possiblities. Those of you who knew Christopher understood that epilepsy had a dibilitating impact on his life, which he fought very hard to overcome. He told me on several occassions, he just wanted to be normal. In all that Christopher was dealing with, I do believe that there were times when he was able to move beyond the disease and experience the life of a high school and college student, which he so longed to have. Christopher loved the years he spent at Proctor High School. His friends and Raider teammates meant everything to him. He loved the diversity of the student body, the challenge of his course work, and, of course, the time he was able to spend on the baseball field. He was also proud of all of his “Notre Dame” friends, the close and lasting ties he made with so many. All of you, who touched his life helped to make his high school years the best of times…. and, then on to Stetson. Christopher quickly adapted to the warm weather and the life of a college freshman. Throughout the four years he spent at Stetson,  he embraced his new challenges and independence, the chance to make friends and join a fraternity. He was working hard to do well in the classroom, and soak up the college experience…the best of times. Eight years…..thanks to all his friends, those who touched his life and brought him happiness and fulfillment. And, thanks to those members of the Proctor and Notre Dame Classes of 1998 , the Sestosn Class of 2002 and all others who have responded to our efforts to honor Christopher by donating to CURE. You’re helping him make a difference.

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