Beyond the Diamond

September 5, 2011 No Comments by administr8tor

CHRISTOPHER. LOVED. BASEBALL. And, of course, there was no other Major League team for him but the New York Yankees! Upstate New York is Yankee territory, with a significant number of Red Sox fans mixed in to make life interesting. Christopher’s father is a Red Sox fan, which made for some heated discussions around the dinner table.  I can’t help but smile picturing Christopher reading Ryan Maloney’s  attached blog.  Ryan writes “Prose and Ivy” for the Chicago Cubs, a team that would only have been on Christopher’s radar if they were playing the Yankees in the World Series.  But I know that he would be so happy and proud to have his story be part of Ryan’s thoughtful comments!  Baseball fans, no matter their allegiance, are a powerful force — dedicated, passionate, and vocal.   Beyond the diamond, they have the power to champion a cause, to effect change, to make a difference.  At this time of year, our attention is probably more focused on which teams will make it to the playoffs.  That’s a good thing.  But, please also keep in mind Ryan’s  message….baseball is more than just a game.  The 2011 Christopher Donalty CURE Benefit is less than two weeks away.  Christopher wanted to make a difference in the world.  You can help him realize his dream by donating to our cause at .  All proceeds go directly to support Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy’s ( research program.

I also recommend you start to follow Ryan on “Prose and Ivy.”  Great writing!

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