Past CURE Benefit Committee

Mike and Kelly Parsons – Chairpersons

George F. Aney – Chairman Emeritus

Donald and JoAnn Alberico

Michael Austin

Regina Balzano

Andrew and Marlene Biernat

Doulgas and Betsy Briggs

Howard and Kelly Britton

Paul and Lauren Donalty Canalori

Don Carbone

Karen Carey

Stephen Caruso

Tom Clark

Michael and Katie Cominsky

Pat Costello

David and Liz Crane

Anthony Crocilla

Dominick Crocilla

Herb and Kitty Cully

Carl Del Buono

Elis and Anne DeLia

Alison Donalty and Chris Hampson

Jeanne Donalty

Lindy Donalty

Kevin and Mary Beth Dowling

Nancy Eannace and Mike Viti

Mike Evans

Elise Feiner

David and Denise Flihan

Jim Friedel

William Gall

Anthony Giovinazzo

Ralph Giovinazzo

Michael and Debbie Grogan

David Guido

Christopher Hameline

Michael Hartnett

Paul Hartnett

Jennifer Keida

Nina Leist

Jean Lesniak

Ralph Leo

Brett and Caroline Levitt

Les and Karen Lewis

Robert M. Maciol

Albert Mazloom

Stacey L. Paolozzi

Anthony and Eleanor Picente

Helen Popeo

Walter and Mary Pratt

Eugene Quadraro

Earle Reed

Joe Romanelli

Gary Scalzo

Lauire Schoen

Renee Scialdo Shevat

Jay Sumner

Kara Wilson

John Zogby

Carol Zygo